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Welcome to Avatar Relics

As we go through life, we move into, out of, and around various communities. Some we are in by default, like our families. Some, we can choose, and some we fall into some, like regulars at a coffee shop. Sometimes, we find these communities in and around online games. Our introduction starts with a new avatar in an MMO or discovering a creator on Twitch/Youtube playing our favorite game.

These communities often exist only in virtual spaces, an MMO’s world, Discord servers, in-game chat, forums, or a streamer’s chat. These communities facilitate personal connections across the globe. But, rarely do these online communities lead to tangible, real-world connections. Perhaps a convention or a few guild members near enough to meet up a couple of times a year. There are a few stories, good memories, and maybe a handful of digital pictures. Intangibles. What if there were tangible objects that we could see, wear, or hold from time to time. Relics, if you will. Relics of community. That is the core of what this site is all about.

My sincere hope is the relics found here will help provide a way to grow many of those communities, deepen those connections, and perhaps, increase the support of community builders as well. Whether a small game studio or a streamer helping newbs get into a game, these dedicated people provide a core for these magical communities to gather. I hope to support the creator and the communities that assemble around them. Also, over time, these communities scatter and fade. Perhaps some of these relics will revive those great memories and help refuel those communities.

Welcome to Avatar Relics.