Frequency Asked Questions

Keep in mind that we do not accept returns for hygiene reasons. (Not that we think you don’t wash your hands…) Beyond that, start by contacting us at and we’ll do what we can to make it right.

Gems are “points” you can earn when buying stuff, referring your friends, or in other ways. If you’re a viewer for one of our partner streamers (Markee Dragon, etc), you can also convert channel/chat points in those streams to Gems here.

Ranks are levels of accumulated Gems. The more Gems you have, the higher your rank. Ranks have perks and rewards that unlock as you progress through the levels. Some are coupons and hidden items that you can only purchase above a given rank.

Badges are special rewards for doing a specific action. You get the badge, but you also get more Gems.

Save your Gems to rise through the ranks and discover discounts, hidden items, and more!!!!

You can track your progress at

Besides referring friends, making purchases, and ranking up you can earn badges from the list below. All of these things will give you Gems. If you’re a community member of our streaming partners, you can also convert your stream currencies to Gems from their streams.


Bronze Supporter

17 users have earned this Badge

Create Account

83 users have earned this Badge
  1. Register an account

First Customer

Gold Supporter

Login – Bronze

8 users have earned this Badge
  1. Login 10 Times

Login – Gold

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  1. Login 100 Times

Login – Silver

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  1. Login 30 Times

Markee Dragon Gold Viewer

Markee Dragon Gold/Point Converter

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Repeat Visitor – Bronze

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  1. 15 Daily Visits

Repeat Visitor – Gold

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  1. 90 Daily Visits

Repeat Visitor – Silver

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  1. 30 Daily Visits

Silver Supporter

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Maybe. If you’re the guild leader and have high-quality raster versions of your logos available, feel free to contact us.

Maybe. We lean toward invite-only. But, feel free to contact us.

Probably not. Our affiliate program is invite-only. However, if you think you can complete the questline correctly, please contact us.

The first step is to create an account at You can either log in with your Twitch/Google account or create an account directly. Once your account is created, make sure to connect to your Twitch/Google at

Once your account is connected to the streaming platform, you can convert viewing time there to Gems here.

If the steamer has gold or other chat currency, you can run !goldconvert $amount to convert some of that chat currency to gems here. In general, 10,000 chat gold will convert to 1 Avatar Relics Gem.

If the streamer has Twitch Channel Points setup, you can redeem some of those points to convert them to Avatar Relics Gems. Again, the standard conversion rate is 10,000 Channel points to 1 Avatar Relics Gem. There may also be rare badges that can only be unlocked for large amounts of Channel Points that, in turn, unlock rare items here.